About Us

Meet the Founders

Our mission has always remained the same since its inception: 

Inspired by India, Designed for India & Made in India   


We believe in adding Fun & Functionality to your everyday accessories through prints & colours. 

Our products are completely vegan & handcrafted by artisans who have been working with us since the beginning.

About Us

Funk For Hire is a refreshingly fun, fashion forward label for people who want to “stand up and be counted”. We provide a wide and varied range of bags that showcase our unique prints inspired by happy-chaotic-India!

Not only are we all about Desi authenticity, the essence of our products echo the same sentiment as they are completely Handmade in India, including the dying art of table printing.


Laptop Bags , Backpacks, Travel bags, Sling Bags and Wallets come in printed cotton canvas and faux leather- it is sure to turn up the style quotient of your wardrobe.

Bold colours, quirky prints, versatile designs are all rolled up to make Funk For Hire a one-of-a-kind-fashion-find!

Our mission is to be a one-stop-shop of  bags, for the adventurous spirit, someone who is not afraid to bend the rules and walk on the edge once a while.

Our Journey

Funk For Hire, was founded in 2010, because of our shared love for Art, Design, and all thing Indian! We (Vaishali, Wenicia and Shemanti) met at design school, became fast friends and decided that someday down the line we would start a “fun label” that would cater to people like us. A couple of years and the rigours of being in restrictive job environments, that did not suit our free spirits, had us going back to the drawing board and coming up with a plan to turn our dream into reality. We are now joined by like-minded people who share similar passion and love for the brand.

Launched initially as an apparel label, we have branched out to making Bags and Accessories as well. The USP of Funk For Hire lies in our thoughtful yet edgy products, characterized by exclusively designed prints that is inspired by everyday India, mixed with contemporary aesthetics.

We started out retailing through Multi-Designer stores in Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore, Calcutta, Chennai, Pune, Ahmedabad and Surat, later expanding to Dubai as well. We have a loyal and ever growing client base, who share our ethos, through Flea Markets and Exhibitions. With the onset of Online boom, the target audience has just got bigger through various portals.

Our Print Philosophy

The print inspirations for Funk For Hire are drawn from an everlasting pool of resource, that is India, where everything – Sadharan and Rozana comes to life and has an extraordinary story to narrate. Closely studying the quirks, idiosyncrasies, cultural and regional polarities of the country, we develop prints that are eclectic and exciting with a refreshing take on what most people would consider ‘mundane’.

The print concepts are born from what we see or experience in our daily lives. Something as simple as walking down the street, can trigger one of our “Aha” moment and then we delve deeper exploring the idea.

Since prints are our mainstay a lot of time, effort, arguments and reworks ensue once the theme is decided. The scrambling and nit-picking goes on and on until we are absolutely confident that our design will strike a common cord with our customers. The coming together of our original inspiration and our final product, give us immense pleasure and that’s our raison d'être.







As a Women-owned business, we are committed to women empowerment as we believe in giving more women a chance to have financial independence & security.